Telephone lines out of order – UPDATE

Several Shrewton telephone lines have been out of action since the 26th January and BT are advising that the problem is not expected to be fixed until 4th 11th February (Revised on 9th February with new information from BT).  If you are trying to ringing someone in Shrewton, based my test of the Plume’s number which is one of those affected, you will hear a ringing tone but not get an answer before going though the 1571 service. Continue reading Telephone lines out of order – UPDATE

News – 27th, Jan 2016

In this edition:

  • St Valentine’s Party
  • Booking the Recreation Ground Hall
  • Telephone Scam
  • Clean up after your dog!
  • Public consultation on the cost of policing in 2016-2017
  • Would you like to be a local energy advice volunteer?

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Wiltshire Public Transport Review

The Salisbury Red’s route 2 service between Devizes and Salisbury serving Shrewton is 100% subsidised by Wiltshire Council at a cost of £1.70 per passenger journey.  An annual cost of £216,995 to the Council. Abolishing this service would make a significant contribution to savings that Wiltshire Council need to make to balance their books. Bus subsidies cost Wiltshire Council – which is to say residents of Wiltshire – £5.1m a year. This makes them a prime target for cuts. Philip Whitehead, cabinet member for transport said: “We know how important bus services are for rural communities – especially to help … Continue reading Wiltshire Public Transport Review

Update, 20th December 2015

holly_leaves_cornerIn this edition:

  • Churches Together Christmas Services
  • Plume of Feathers Christmas and New Year Opening times.
  • Don’t be alone New Year’s eve.
  • Salisbury Plain Training Area January Newsletter and Christmas and New Year opening time for Imber Ranges.
  • Waste and Recycling over the Christmas and New Year period.
  • Don’t Fall for Crime

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