Parish Council

The Parish of Shrewton is represented by eleven elected or co-opted Councillors who meet monthly to discuss issues relating to the village.

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The Role of Councillors
Monthly Meetings
Requirements of the Parish Council
Contact the Parish Council
Becoming a Councillor

The Role of Councillors

Parish Councillors express the views and concerns of residents of the village to the parish council which may then be passed on to Wiltshire Council for further action. They also report back to residents on issues affecting the parish. The Parish Council also awards grants to support local initiatives and organisations. This requires a commitment by those who stand as Councillors to participate fully in village life as well as attending these meetings.

Individual Councillors do not have powers to make decisions on behalf of the parish council but attend meetings and correspond with the Clerk on various matters. The parish council might have committees and sub-committees to deal with issues such as planning applications.  A short list of useful links is provided at the foot of this page where full information governing Councillor’s actions can be found.

Monthly Meetings

The regular council meetings are held in the Methodist Hall on the first Wednesday in every month and are open to everyone in the community to attend.

Approximate timings

7:15pm     Meetings Start to discuss Planning Applications – if any received during the month

Invited speakers may make a presentation at this time.

7:30pm     Informal Session of Parish Council begins – members of the public may speak.

7:45pm      Formal Session of Parish Council begins – see agenda for detail of subjects covered.

9:30pm      Scheduled end to formal session.

Start of second informal session – where members of the public may speak.

The agenda for these meetings is published to give at least three days clear notice.

The less formal side of the role is to listen and talk to residents in the village and present their views at meetings.

Requirements of the Parish Council

Guidance is provided by the Wiltshire Association of Local Councils and Wiltshire Council on the appropriate conduct of a Councillor. Councillors must abide by the Code of Conduct and Standing Orders – both of which are reviewed every 24 months (these were both adopted in 2013).

There is a requirement to complete a register of interests to ensure compliance with the code of conduct; it is crucial as Councillors may be at risk of being affected by personal or prejudicial interests. It can be difficult to maintain an appropriate distance from local matters.

There are transparency requirements of the Parish Council. This includes publishing all minutes of meetings and having an annual audit. Minutes of all Parish Council meetings are made public – on the notice board and here on the Council Meetings page.

Links to the numerous policy documents and procedures that apply to the Parish Council can be found here in the Policies and Procedures Overview. That includes the Code of Conduct and Standing Orders, policies on use of email, financial regulations and other procedures. Those that are not currently online will be added to as soon as possible.That will also require a guide on what they are all about!

Your Parish Council is there to support you – the community of Shrewton.

Contact the Parish Council

The Parish Council acts for the residents of Shrewton in several ways – and so there are different reasons to contact your council.

  • Contact the Officers of the Council – Many matters affecting the local community can first be handled by your parish council. These may be planning applications, traffic issues and parking, rights of way, signs and many more.
  • Applications for grants – Shrewton Parish Council has a limited amount of funding available for local projects.

Please use this link to submit your question.

Once received, this will be reviewed at the next council meeting. Should a reply be required you will be contacted directly using the contact information entered.

Becoming a Councillor

Shrewton Parish Council depends on having good councillors to be effective in its work with our local community. You can check using this link to check whether you qualify (broadly that you live or work in the village) or indeed do not qualify. If you qualify and would like to apply, please use this link to find out more about becoming a councillor.

There is a wealth of information available on the internet. Below are a few useful links.

Information about Town and Parish Councils from Wiltshire Council
National Association of Local Councils (NALC)

The NALC Good Councillor Guide

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