BMX Track Now Open

The BMX track – part funded with a grant from your Parish Council – is now open for business!

We now have loads of pictures that take us from a grassy knoll to a fully usable – and used – BMX track – with some well deserved “thank you”s to Hannah. If you have photos of some fancy cycling and tricks be sure to use the contact pages and send some them in!

There is a note  of caution from Anne Woodman for drivers passing the rec.:-

“Hannah Arnold has done a fantastic job, getting the BMX track up and running and we owe her a huge thank you.  It is being very well used and providing great excitement among the youngsters in the village.

However, I would like the parents of youngsters using the track to make them aware of the dangers when travelling to and from the Recreation ground.  We have had instances of youngsters cycling along Tanners Lane, all over the carriageway, and rushing around the corner at The Hollow, into the path of vehicles coming the other way.  They are also still excited when leaving the Rec, and are dashing straight out onto the road.

I am aware that the school has been doing cycling proficiency, so the children may be more aware now, but I would still ask parents to make sure the children ride safely, in an effort to ensure that we do not have a tragedy in the village.”


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