Neighbourhood Plan – Public Meeting 3rd, March 2015

NP Public Meeting – 3 March 7.30 – 9 pm at the Sports & Social Club

All villagers are warmly encouraged to attend.  There is much to discuss, including some feedback from villagers.  We need your input and comment.


  1. Update brief and next steps (45 mins).  This will include several proposals from landowners and Wilts Council.
  2. Discussion (45 mins)

Progress in Developing the Neighbourhood Plan

  • The Draft Version 2 has been delayed, pending the Sustainability Report and other inputs.  It will be published around 23 Feb, in time for discussion at the Public Meeting on 3 March.
  • Draft V3 will be prepared during March and early April.  If, based on villagers’ feedback, this is sufficiently mature, it will be discussed with Wilts Council to ensure its alignment with government policies and procedures.
  • As soon as possible after that, the NPSG intend to submit the final draft Neighbourhood Plan to Wiltshire Council for their third consultation, prior to independent professional inspection and our community referendum, sometime in June.

What's your view?

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