Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin April 2015

The Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for April 2015 contains more reports of shed burglaries.

There were several crimes reported in February.

  1. Overnight of January 31st into February 1st a bolt from a gate was stolen in Shrewton the gate secures large farm animals from roaming the village.
  2. In the early evening of the 1st there was an attempted robbery at the Co-op in Shrewton. A male aged 22 years has pleaded guilty and is due to attend court on   March 27 for sentencing.
  3. Between the 10th and 12th some copper pipes and brass taps were stolen from a property in Shrewton.
  4. Somewhere between the 13th February and present date heating oil has been stolen from a tank in Shrewton.

Please keep your eyes open and report unusual happenings!


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