Website News Update

100x100ShrewtonFurther progress has been made this week with the website and the Facebook page.  Here are some of the highlights.

Website: The Community page has more organisations and links, have a look and tell us about more we can add.

David Haslett is asking for volunteers to assist with “Lorry Watch” – if you don’t know what that is or why it matters you can find out more here.  It does make a difference, you can see how it is working for Westbury here.

A chance discussion with Billy Baxter led to me getting two copies of “The Georgian Times”.  Those of you who were in the village may be aware of this.  These copies have been scanned and have been added to the History page.  They make entertaining reading. Have a look and be prepared to find out what village life was like in 1994 and 1995.

Where we have identified FaceBook pages and Groups we have added those and now these are identified by the FB-f-Logo__blue_29Icon which will take you to the appropriate FaceBook page.  If your organisation has a link with Shrewton and also has a FaceBook page or group let us know about it.

The Shrewton Wiltshire Walking page has been updated with images and a new page has been added with John Berry’s account and photos of the walk from Netherhamption to Salisbury and back.  Looks as if everyone had a good time.

The calendar has been updated with more events.  Don’t forget to let us know about your events so we can include them.  We have a few more to add and these will be included in the next few days.

FaceBook: A number of “Likes” for other pages have been added – it is surprising how many Shrewton organisations have pages and don’t publicise them.  Once again, let us know if you have a page.

We are well on the way to merging with – but I’ll save that news for another time…

Have a good Easter – Don’t forget the Funday at the Rec. on Good Friday.  Details on the What’s On page.

John Dudman


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