Amesbury Rural Monthly Newsletter March/April 2015

Hello All
Apologies for the delay in sending the figures for last month.  I have added this months figures to date also to make up for it!

Till Valley
Between the dates of the 13th February – 2nd March heating oil was stolen from a property in Shrewton

On the 6th March a warrant was carried out in Orcheston and 2 fixed penalty notices were given for possession of cannabis

Overnight of the 17th into 18th March a barn was broken into in Shrewton but nothing was stolen

On the 24th March a blue estate car with 3 males onboard drove suspiciously up a driveway in Shrewton then turned around and on returning to the bottom of the lane stole the eggs that were being sold and the money that was left in the pot.

Between the 23rd and 25th March an insecure vehicle was entered in Shrewton and there was an attempt to remove the factory fitted radio which they failed at but did end up taking the volume knob

Overnight of the 2nd into the 3rd April unknown persons have climbed over secured gates of a premises in Shrewton and stolen a full exhaust system from a parked van and a second van had the bolts taken but exhaust system left.

On the 8th April a white van was seen to reverse up a driveway of a property in Shrewton and a male has then got out and attempted to break into a garage, access was not gained and nothing was stolen.

Bourne Valley
Overnight of the 2nd into the 3rd March a spare wheel was stolen from a van in Winterbourne Gunner

On the 11th March there was a road rage incident on the A338 where a wing mirror was smashed

Overnight of the 12th into 13th March an unknown person has attempted to enter a property on two occasions.  The door was tried and tool marks found on a window.  Entry was not gained and nothing was stolen.

On the 19th March monies were obtained fraudulently from a premises in the Winterbournes

Between the 23rd and 25th March a male received an adult caution for a theft in Porton

On the 28th March a vehicle was stopped on the A338 and a male received a Cannabis street warning for possession of Cannabis

Between the 28th and 31st Diesel was stolen from machinery and 2 large concrete pots from a premises at Winterbourne Gunner

Between the 9th March and 6th April a large cast iron garden ornament was stolen from a property in Cholderton

Wylye Valley
On the 6th March there was violence against a person involving a dog in Winterbourne Stoke.  Action has been taken by the owner and there will be no further police action

On the 9th March a Land rover was stolen from Steeple Langford and later found in Salisbury by the owners themselves

Overnight of the 1st into the 2nd April pallets containing bags/sacks of seeds were stolen from a premises in Winterbourne Stoke to the value of £2000

Overnight of the 1st into the 2nd April a barn was broken into in Stapleford and a trailer was stolen from within

Woodford Valley
On the 29th March a vehicle was broken into in Upper Woodford where clothing, handbags and shoes were stolen from within they also entered a shed and stole a large quantity of red diesel

Overnight of the 8th into 9th a spare wheel was stolen from a van in Upper Woodford

Hare Coursing and Damage to Property and Land
Overnight of the 19th into 20th March damage was caused to a fence to enable unknown persons to hare course on land in Great Wishford

Between the 5th and 7th April unknown persons have driven through a wire gate at Druids Lodge and over 1800 acres of crops causing damage

Overnight  of the 11th into 12th April unknown persons have caused damage to gates, fencing and fields in Upper Woodford there was also damage caused that night in Wilsford Cum Lake

The above does not include reports of hare coursing which has increased over the past month.

As you can see we have been hit quite badly in the rural area with thefts from buildings, yards, garages and vehicles.  Please be vigilant and ensure items of value are locked away or secure.  Also be aware of any suspicious vehicles and pass any information of descriptions or registration numbers to us on 101 or email us at amesburynpt@wiltshire.pnn.

We will be looking to carryout Rural Operations over the next coming months so any information you can give us will assist us in where we target, times, days and trends to ensure we get the best out of our patrols.

PCSO Shona Maycock
Amesbury Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team
PCSO Alan Glover
PC Ivor Noyce


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