Shrewton – A Vision and Plan for Traffic and the Community

Allen Harris and Paul Timlett prepared a report on behalf of the Parish Council in January. Version 3.0 went to Wiltshire Council. This is version 4.0 which has minor revisions and is the report that we want to discuss with Wiltshire.

Click here to read the report.

The Parish Council’s stance has to be that we agree to a REVIEW of the weight limit but it is only one of a whole host of improvements that need to be made to make life more bearable.  Wiltshire Council is responsible after they agreed to the closure of the A344 before a solution for the congestion on the A303 was implemented (an undertaking they had previously given).  Wiltshire Council needs to sit around the table with the Parish Council and talk, something they have failed to do over a very long time.

Quite a lot of people have submitted objections to Wiltshire Council, not just our Parish Council. It’s important that we make as many people as possible aware of the need to do this and how. This link will take you to the page on the Wiltshire website that details the consultation and tells you how to comment.


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