So, What does a 7.5 tonne lorry look like?

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We make no apology for another item on the Wiltshire Council proposal to introduce a maximum weight limit of 7.5 tonnes to the B3086 from its junction with the A360 Salisbury Road/Maddington Street and the Rollestone Crossroads.

If granted, what type of vehicle might we expect to see driving through the High Street, London Road and the Packway?

Well, the picture above left shows a 7.5 tonne vehicle and for comparison the house it ran into in March last year!  Thankfully without injury – but will you feel safe walking with a rail and the Till on one side and one of these on the other?  How about your elderly neighbours?

It is important to understand that the 2 tonne signs are no longer legal, so some change is needed.  It is our understanding that a 3 tonne limit could be applied for either structural, which would require engineering reports, or environmental/safety reasons and given that an alternative and safer route using the A360 is in place would make far more sense.

Personal view: The order for a 2 ton limit in 1968 (actually enacted in 1969) would have been under the Road Traffic Act 1967.  In reading the 1967 act I can find no mention of weight restrictions for environmental reasons which suggests that the 2 ton restriction must have been for structural reasons….so what’s changed?

Comments on the proposal together with the reasons for which they are made should be sent in writing or via the website to reach the:

Sustainable Transport Group, County Hall, Bythesea Road TROWBRIDGE
BA14 8JN by 8th May 2015 quoting reference LJB/TRO/SHRE.

Make sure you supply your name and address when making your comment.




8 thoughts on “So, What does a 7.5 tonne lorry look like?

  1. Reasonably well supported Public Meeting last evening (3.5% approx. of the Village); good presentation by Mark Tims, and a description of what’s needed to be said on the Objections, and the necessity to keep pressuring Wilts. Council Highways to ‘get their act together’ on Shrewton’s Traffic Plan – Special CATG, now coming up 1 and a half months overdue.

    Should you have a camera handy, and see a truck (generic term) coming through our High Street, please take a photo, and email it to me at: so I can keep a digital image library. Please make sure the time/date detail is on your digital photo, and the truck’s VRN is clearly shown. Wilts. Police have promised to action observed contraventions.

  2. Can I suggest that a generic letter is compiled for residents of Shrewton who would like to contribute, however, feel they are unable to do so for what ever reason. I know I have spoken to a few and they would like to become involved, but do not know how to compile this type of letter.

    • Thanks Denise. There is some merit in this but I think it might be better if we provide the key points for people to build into their own letters. I think it has more of an impact where the letters are written from a personal perspective as opposed to what just appears to be a standard letter. I’ll liaise with my co-conspirators and post the key points here.

    • For people who want to object these are the key points that we would recommend be incorporated in a personal letter of objection:

      An increase in the weight limit will

      1. lead to an increased traffic flow along the route (i.e. by permitting goods vehicles between 2 imperial tons and 7.5 metric tonnes to use the route),
      2. increase the danger to persons or other traffic using the road (i.e. no pavements on many stretches),
      3. increase damage to the road or to any building on or near the road
      4. reduce rather than preserve or improve the amenities of the area through which the road runs (i.e. it will damage the character of the village).

      It would also be worth stating that in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration Shrewton Parish Council has submitted to Wiltshire Council a detailed plan for traffic in Shrewton in its document entitled “Shrewton – A Vision and Plan for Traffic and the Community”. By focusing on the weight limit on the High Street and London Road Wiltshire has taken just one issue from a wide ranging paper thereby taking it out of context.

      It would also be worth demanding that Wiltshire Council meets with representatives of the community as we have requested on many occasions in order to discuss our proposals BEFORE any review of weight limits is undertaken. There has been no response from Wiltshire Council since Shrewton Parish Council submitted its plan in January 2015.

      I’m happy to provide more detail around the four key points above but it would be better for individuals to provide their own colour. We all know what the issues are from our own personal experience.

  3. A few of us met this evening to set out the background to the current weight limit, to determine what the issues are with it, and to set out the options going forward. This will be presented by Mark Tims and Allen Harris at the Public Meeting on Thursday 23 April. I will let you have a summary for posting on the website.

  4. I agree we must fight this proposal as any increase in the weight restriction would be against the interest of all the inhabitants of the village, the only winners would be the drivers of the 7.5 Tonne Lorries who will use London Road and our High Street as a Rat Run we need to remember that we have well over 50% of our residents over the age of 65 and over 20% under the age of 10, it will be to late to act once we have a fatality in our village because of our own empathy
    Take action now please and write to WCC at Trowbridge.

  5. There are one or two statements in this article that are not quite correct. However, there is a public meeting at Maddington Church Room (the scout hut) on Thursday 23 April at 7:00 for a 7:30. The details of what can and can’t be done will be explained then.

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