Request for information on the Witts of Shrewton

This message was received by us a couple of weeks ago but its publication was delayed.

If you can help Caroline with more information about the Witt family please use the comment box at the bottom of this news item.  We will not publish your contact details online but will pass anything you provide to Caroline.

“This may appear strange to you but I am researching my father’s family tree, Alfred Witt. He was born in Shrewton 1911 along with his 3 brothers–Leonard; Cecil; and Eric, his father Raymond and mother Caroline lived in what I know believe was the site where the post office is now, as a child down there for my holiday. I can remember playing in the fields opposite with a school, My reason for writing this e-mail is if it is possible that somebody could put a notice on the notice board requesting any information on any existing WITTS along with my e-mail address, any out of pocket expenses would of course be met by me.

I am also planning to visit Shrewton; Maddington; Rollestone in 2 weeks time.

I hope you can assist in this matter, as so far I have got back to 1756. but I am really interested in talking to a new Witt.

Thank you.



One thought on “Request for information on the Witts of Shrewton

  1. I believe that Trevor Witt is a member of this family. I think he lives in Nett Road.

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