Mobile Phone Reception Problems

SitefinderVodafone reception in Shrewton seems to be a problem as reported in the Salisbury Journal.

There is also a “vibrant discussion” (thanks Mark for this phrase) on Vodafone’s own user forum.


The problem seems to be with the microwave link getting the signal to the mast. However this doesn’t seem to be a problem just with Vodafone or services that use its network.

See the comments below.

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16 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Reception Problems

  1. For all of those who have been affected by this unashamed debacle by Vodafone, I managed to obtain my monthly phone bill, PLUS a £50 credit by phoning and moaning to their Customer Relations department – this is different to their laughingly called Customer services department. It does not involve an automated “Press one for….” and you speak to someone in the UK. The number is 03333 044 766.

    I mentioned the Salisbury Journal article, the BBC piece and added the growing talk of a Vodafone boycott in the village and it worked wonders. I then posted the contact number on the Vodafone forum – the one with the “vibrant discussion” and it was removed. Perhaps Vodafone don’t want us customers to ask for compensation.

    • So I just had my discussion with David at the Director’s Office of Vodafone on the above number. Took about 20 minutes to get through. His first reaction was to rebate one month’s rental (we have three lines) but no compensation. I pointed out that this was neither reasonable nor consistent. He eventually agreed £15 compensation per line so £45 in total. Penny pinching and measly but what is the right amount? They care little for the appalling publicity they’re getting. They are so big what’s a few disgruntled yocals in Wiltshire? So much for customer relations.

      • Hi Paul,

        As I have just added to the Vodafone forum use Clause 10 of their T&Cs. They are obliged to pay you the full amount of each and every contract you have with them for the period of the fault. I managed to get £50 ex-gratia payment about two weeks ago and a further £50 compensation for kicking up a stink after the problem was fixed. This is in addition to crediting my full month’s line rental.

        Just keep hounding them on the magic number.


  2. Whilst the Vodafone signal came back for some on Friday 12 June some still report problems. Meanwhile Vodafone is now mucking people about with compensation. On the Vodafone forum (see link here – )one villager reported that he received £50 compensation and helpfully posted the Vodafone number to call. Following his example other villagers have tried to secure compensation after a month without a signal and have been turned down. One was even accused of lying when they said someone else had received compensation.

    Meanwhile the moderator of the site has taken down the number you need to call to obtain compensation. How utterly despicable. Having mucked us about for a month they are now trying to make it as difficult as possible to contact them. Anyone who has ever tried to contact Vodafone will know how difficult that is at the best of times.

    Can’t wait to walk away from my contract with Vodafone. I’ve already had to take them to the Ombudsman once.

  3. Hi. Yes recently moved to Shrewton and we have mobiles with Vodafone and Talk mobile. Latter apparently use the same network. Have spoken to both customer services and got a vague response in terms of when the problem will get resolved. Both parties offered information that their engineers are working on the problem but given that this is a known problem and, the current matter is outstanding for some time, I feel their response unacceptable. On this basis, I politely offered them a time frame of two weeks in order to resolve connectivity and agreed that if not, I would request A) termination of contract (we are fixed in to a contract on both phones) and, B) take our phone number to another provider. I would suggest that any residents with a degree of energy do the same. Am hearing that EE are good…..can anyone post suggestions for best provider. Thanks.

  4. The Beeb are coming to the village tomorrow to do a piece for South Today.

    I wonder if that will get Vodafone to remove their opposable digit from their bodily cavity. Probably not.

  5. The issue appears to be the microwave link. So while the Nett Road mast is shared by all service providers, the individual links could well have different sources and so miss the trees.
    And could the Royal Artillery use the trees for target practice?

    • Thanks for pointing out that the microwave link feed to the mast at some point is likely to be the problem. Hadn’t considered that.

      As for the Royal Artillery idea, probably not practical but only because Vodafone cannot seem to identify which trees are causing the problem :-).

  6. This problem with Vodafone is now beyond a joke my daughter relies on Vodafone for her hht for work, no signal no work. Our mobiles are emergency contact numbers for campsite. Vodafone a nightmare will be changing my provider once contract expires

    • I started the ‘vibrant discussion’ on Vodafone’s eforums, the network outage from vodafone has escalated well beyond a joke now. I started the thread on May the 18th and I believe the problems started around the 13th of that month!
      Vodafone don’t seem to give updates apart from the generic ‘we/our engineers are looking into the problem and will have things up and running ASAP.’
      Week after week goes by and nothing! I have got in contact with the head office and apart from being offered compensation, there is still no ETR of the service.
      It has personally impacted me as I work for the Electricity Board and rely on my company Vodafone mobile for the office to contact me to respond to electrical emergencies (power cuts etc) and also I am on call once a week, so basically it’s getting me regular stick being uncontactable!
      I despair I really do

  7. Having read about the problems Vodafone customers are having in Shrewton I think there is a larger problem. We are with Tesco mobile and they use the o2 network. We are very often without service for days at a time in Shrewton.

    • Thanks for this comment and sorry to hear about the poor service. Have just looked at the O2, 2g, coverage tool. Seems that for High Street, Elston Lane and London Road near to the junction with High Street indoor coverage is not good. 3g not available at all close to village. The mast used by O2 is at Winterbourne Stoke.

      But the lack of service for days at a time clearly unacceptable.

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