Disposal of The George Inn, Shrewton, as an Asset of Community Value

From Simon Day, Area Technical Support Team Leader, Economic Development & Planning, Wiltshire Council, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8JN.

“Wiltshire Council has been informed by the owner of The George Inn, Shrewton that they intend to sell the asset.

An interim moratorium on the sale of the asset is now in place until 8th October 2015.
Community interest groups (the local parish council or an incorporated voluntary body with a local connection), have the opportunity in these six weeks [to 8th October, 2015] to request to be treated as a potential bidder.
Should Wiltshire Council receive such a request from a community interest group within these six weeks, then a six month ‘full moratorium’ period will be triggered, meaning that no sale can take place before 27th February 2016. Requests to be treated as a potential bidder should be sent to me at the address above, or via simon.day@wiltshire.gov.uk. If no such request is received then the owner of the asset is free to dispose of the asset at the end of the six weeks and without any further moratoria until 27th February 2017.
The full moratorium of six months, if triggered, is intended to allow Community Interest Groups time to raise funding to put together a credible bid to buy the asset. The owner is under no obligation to accept any such bid but the pause is intended to allow community groups time to organise themselves and increase the chance of a successful offer being made.
Information on this opportunity to be treated as a potential bidder is being made available on the council’s website. I am copying this letter to local councillors and the Community Area Manager for information. A notice will also be displayed at the site of the asset to inform the local community of the notice of disposal of the asset.
The Government’s regulations provide further detailed information on the precise definition of Community Interest Groups that are eligible to request being treated as a potential bidder. Locality also provide online support and guidance to potential bidders at (www.mycommunityrights.org.uk).”

Yours sincerely
Simon Day
Area Technical Support Team Leader
Economic Development & Planning

Please note: any potential buyers must have cash available to buy The George – no commercial loan will be accessible to buy this property – The Guide price is OIEO £500,000

Proof of funds will have to be provided.