Roadworks Delayed

RoadClosedMessage from Atkins

‘Due to a delay on other jobs I regret to inform you the dates for
the below have changed by one day.

The closure dates are now as follows:

06/05/16- 09/05/16 – B3083 Winterbourne stoke North to Shrewton.
Work ref:SD101 (07:00-18:00)

10/05/16 to 11/05/16 – A360 Airmens corner West to Shrewton.
Work ref: SD102 (07:00-18:00)

12/05/16 for 1 day –  Rollestone Camp to 30mph at Shrewton.
Work ref: SD103 (07:00-18:00)

13/05/16 for 1 day- B3086 Airmans corner North to Rollestone Camp crossroads
Work ref: SD104 (07:00-18:00)