Ethel Towl

Thank you to Rev. Eleanor Rance for this message
‘Dear friends,

‘I have no doubt you have already been told, but if not, Ethel Towl died last week following a fall at home and a very short stay in hospital. She was 104 and had lived in Shrewton all her life. Her nieces have made plans for her funeral and I would like to make sure that the village is aware. I will be mailing ‘my’ contacts, but I think it would be great to get the message out as widely as possible.

‘Ethel is the last in the line of the Chant family to live in the village. She moved into her home when it was newly built and she was 6 months old. Her uncle is named on our war memorial, and Chant’s Lane is named for the family. Her life began just before Titanic’s maiden voyage. In effect, Ethel embodied the story of Shrewton, and it would be wonderful if Shrewton could remember her and honour her on the day of her funeral.

‘My thoughts are that even if people may not wish/be able to attend the funeral, they may like to mark her passing on the day. People could, for example, pop down to the High Street to be present as the hearse passes.

‘Her funeral is in St Mary’s Shrewton at 11am on 14th June. Her hearse will pass along the High Street before that; sometime between 10.45am and 10.55am I should imagine. As I say, it would be nice to see people to come out and ‘line the route’. [If more accurate timing becomes available it will be published here.]

with kind regards,


Ethel Towl at 100
Ethel Towl celebrating her 100th birthday (photo Salisbury Journal)