In this edition:

  • Phone Call Scams – and call minder phone advice
  • Volunteers wanted for Shrewton Youth Club
  • Plume’s House Quiz – 29th June
  • Summer Music in the Park Salisbury
  • Learning Opportunities for 18-24 year olds
  • Crimes/incidents in the Amesbury Rural area for May 2016

BT 8600

Phone Call from the “IT Department” – Phone calls claiming to be from the Microsoft Helpdesk, or the IT department are always scams.  Just hang up. Simple as that.

Having become fed up with the number of cold callers, including four on one day, despite being registered on the Telephone Preference Service, your webmaster invested in a BT phone with call blocking.  Among its features this allows your contacts, people you want to speak to to come straight through and calls from numbers you don’t recognise are asked to give their name and the caller is told to wait. The phone then calls you, plays the message with name at which point you can: accept the call once, or every time (for that person you forgot to add to the contact list), or block the number or send them through to the answerphone.

You do not need to be a BT customer as all the clever stuff is in the handset base unit.  You will need to have caller line identification enable with your phone provider.  Available from Amazon and other retailers BT 8600 (pictured) is one example and is available with one to four handsets.

Since having the phone three weeks ago we have had no unwanted calls reaching us.

Volunteers for Shrewton Youth Club – Do you think you could be a Shrewton Youth Club Volunteer?

We aim for our 11 to 16 years of age youth to have a regular weekly club on Wednesday at the Village Hall between 7pm and 9pm.

We would welcome more volunteers to support our professional youth worker. It would be great if you could commit to help just one evening a month.

Also, we are looking for extra volunteers who can:

lead activities such as crafts, cooking, arts, games, sports or anything else which could appeal to the youth. If you have any skills that you would like to share, do get in touch.

Please call or email Darren Henry: 01980 620440 – darrengeorge.henry@gmail.com


House (Custom)The Plume’s House Quiz – 29th June starting at 8pm.  It has all the usual rounds plus one on builders stuff and another on ‘homes’.  Proceeds to Shelter on this occasion. (This event is also on the Shrewton Diary site).

Music in the Park Salisbury – This season’s series of Salisbury City Council’s FREE Music in the Park concerts taking place on summer Sunday afternoons in Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Salisbury on 3rd July, 17th July, 7th August, 21st August.  For more details visit Shrewton Diary and look up the date or select Live Music. (These events are also on the Shrewton Diary site)

Learning Opportunities for 18-24 year olds – From Amanda Broomhall Customer Engagement Officer, learndirect.

“Learndirect NEET Programme for 16-24 year olds in Wiltshire

“Learndirect’s new NEET contract is called ‘Your Time’.  This service is now live and available throughout Wiltshire and we would invite referrals of any suitable Learners across the County.

In summary, Your Time is seeking to engage NEETs or at those at risk of NEET (ages 16-24) in a 6 week programme to assist with employability. We are particularly interested in engaging NEETs who fall into the following priority groups:

  • Young people with a disability or learning difficulty
  • Young offenders either serving or recently released from a custodial sentence and ex-offenders
  • Children in care/care leavers
  • Young Parents
  • Drug or alcohol misuse
  • Young people with mental ill health

We would be able to meet any prospective learners in Chippenham, Swindon, Devizes or Trowbridge as required. Our first has started and we are looking at arranging eligibility assessments of other interested Learners as soon as possible.”

See pdf for more information.

Please ask if you require any further information.  My contact details are Amanda Broomhall
Customer Engagement Officer, learndirect
E: amanda.broomhall@learndirect.com

T: 07912 307680

Crimes/incidents in the Amesbury Rural area for May 2016 – from PCSO Shona Maycock.

On Saturday 21st May three incidents were reported of similar descriptions.  Two incidents in Tidworth and one in Winterbourne Dauntsey. 

 They all involve a male knocking the door stating that his sister or a girl named “Mary” had broken one of their windows and he was wanting to pay for the damage asking the owner for a number or address to be written down for him. 

The owner then goes back into their property realising that the male has followed them in.  At this point they have either been told to leave or it is believed that whilst talking to the owner another person has entered the property and in the Winterbournes has successfully stolen the owners purse. 

Please report or let us know about any incidents similar to the above description.  The male knocking the door has been described as white with ginger hair and blue eyes, wearing a baseball cap.

Till Valley Reports

Between the 25th April & 3rd May criminal damage was caused to some fencing in Shrewton.

Between the 13th & 16th a vehicle in Shrewton had its number plates stolen.

Overnight of the 18th into 19th ladders and a wheel jack were stolen from Salisbury Plain.

In the early evening of the 26th violence against a person occurred on a bus travelling between Shrewton and Tilshead.  Ongoing enquiries are being made regarding this incident.

Overnight of the 26th into 27th a shed was broken into in Tilshead but nothing stolen from within.

Overnight of the 31st May into 1st June criminal damage was caused to a vehicle in Shrewton.

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