Shrewton School Inspection Report

Following an Ofsted inspection in June Shrewton VC School has been placed into Special Measures.There is some positive news in the Inspectors Report.

  • ‘The new headteacher is clear about what needs to be done to improve the school and has begun to implement plans for improvement.
  • ‘The new headteacher is steadily rebuilding the confidence of staff, pupils and parents.
  • ‘Pupils are polite, courteous and well mannered. They play well together at playtimes and lunchtimes. Pupils report that bullying is rare and when it does happen it is quickly dealt with by staff.
  • ‘Pupils have a clear understanding of what acceptable behaviour is and how all pupils should be treated equally. They are aware of the consequences if they do not follow the golden rules which are clearly displayed around the school. As a result, they describe how behaviour has improved.
  • ‘Pupils enjoy school. They attend school regularly and this is reflected in their attendance levels, which are above the national average.