SIDs and Waste Bins

News of two recent initiatives from the Parish Council for the benefit of the village.


You may have noticed the speed indication devices (SIDs) in London Road that were recently purchased by the Parish Council. These devices were obtained not just to inform drivers of their speed in the hope of persuading them to slow down but also with the aim of getting Wiltshire Council to take more seriously our pleas that something needs to be done.

53,600 cars recorded using London Road in just 12 days!sid

These SIDs also record the speed and volume of traffic for later analysis.  In the twelve days that these devices were present over 53,600 vehicles passed along London Road. Around 40% of vehicles were travelling in excess of the 30 MPH speed limit with some vehicles in excess of 55 MPH. The maximum speed recorded was in excess of 75 MPH for a vehicle coming in to Shrewton on 21 October.

As vehicles are not identified, action against the individual drivers is not possible but this information has been passed to Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Police to strengthen our argument for something to be done to reduce traffic ‘rat-running’ and speeding through Shrewton.


wastebinFollowing Wiltshire Council’s decision not to replace damaged waste bins or empty any waste bin that it did not supply (including replacement bins supplied by the local community) Shrewton Parish Council has purchased and arranged for the emptying of two waste bins.

One of these is at the junction of footpaths 17, 39 and Lower Backway, the other is mounted on the sign adjacent to the school car park in Tanners Lane.

Six more bins are on order. One of these is for footpath 3 at its junction with Chapel Lane but if anybody feels that there is a location where a bin would be useful please let the Parish Clerk know by emailing