A303 -Change of Plan and BBC Radio Wiltshire Coverage

uk_road_a303The proposed consultation meetings mentioned in the previous post have been postponed.  The bookings of hallsHighStreetTraffic were, it seems, provisional. As yet no dates have been proposed for these to take place.

On January 5th the Ben Prater programme on BBC Wiltshire radio included an item on the traffic problems in Shrewton.  A reporter visited the High Street – and was surprised by the number of vehicles and their speed. The programme is available online until February 3rd.  First news item on 7:00am news (30:17 into programme) with Janice Hassett of STAG at 37:40 and a further report from 1:37:30 including how the Highways England Twitter account in mid-December included a map of how to avoid the A303 congestion by using local roads – the Tweet was shortly taken down following complaints; interviews with Cllr. Ian West and Cllr. Phillip Whitehead Cabinet Member for Highways at Wiltshire Council.  Cllr. Whitehead commented on the proposals put forward by the Community Traffic Action Group (see earlier post for details) that ‘build outs would just add to the chaos’….


2 thoughts on “A303 -Change of Plan and BBC Radio Wiltshire Coverage

  1. The Rec Hall has been booked for the A303 Consultation for some weeks now. The hiring agreement has been complete and the booking paid for by a representative of Atkins Global. To say the dates of the consultation were only provisional is not correct. …..what has made them delay I wonder?

    • Thanks for the clarification. Given the advanced booking of the village hall it was surprising that the news of the meetings only reached me following Ian West’s conversation with John Glen being posted on the Winterborne Stoke PC website.

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