Focus on Active Shrewton I

Let’s walk before we run…

Walking for Health

walking-for-healthShrewton’s weekly Walking For Health walks are organised by Wiltshire Council funded by the NHS. As the name suggests the planned outcome is to improve and maintain fitness by walking a recommended exercise.

Walks are free and are led by experienced and trained volunteer walk leaders. Walks set off from the Social Club car park on Tuesday mornings throughout the year with a short break in December.  Two walks are held. One for those who are less fit ‘the strollers’. The leader will plan walks at a gentle pace avoiding hills. The second group is more challenging but should be easily completed by those of reasonable fitness – some walkers start in the strollers and progress to the full walk.

These walks are very companionable and many lasting friendships have been made on the walks – they are social too and arrive at the Oasis Community Coffee shop at the Methodist Church usually between 10.30am and 10.45am for more chat and refreshment.

To join us just turn up a few minutes before the start time of 9.30am where you will be asked to register and complete a short questionnaire for insurance purposes.

Challenge Walks

Bluebells – August 2016 Challenge Walk

Additional walks take place in other villages each year covering longer distances giving the opportunity to meet other walkers and discover more of Wiltshire.

End of year Walk

Christmas Lunch 2016

In December each year there is a ‘Christmas’ walk followed by lunch to which all the walking groups are invited.  For this there is a small charge, £15 in 2016. In 2016 120 people took part in the walk from the Livestock Market across fields to Salisbury returning via the Town Path to the Market for the lunch.

Come and join us, you will be made welcome.