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Update 21st June:

Wiltshire Council have confirmed that the application description was incorrect, there was also no marketing information submitted with the application.  In light of this the application has been made ‘invalid’ which removes it from the system/website.  Once they have received the information from the applicant/description changed then the application will be ‘re-registered’ and the PC/neighbours will be consulted again, site notice erected etc.

Original post below:

Many of you are interested in what is going on at The George and have asked about a change of use application which has been publicised but is not – at the time of writing – listed on the Wiltshire Council Planning Applications.

The details are there however.

17/04816/FUL Change of use from A3 (Food and Drink) to C4 (Home of Multiple Occupation). The George, London Road, Shrewton, Salisbury Wiltshire SP3 4DH


12 thoughts on “The George

  1. I would oppose a change of use. I am not surprised that Mr Hirst has been unsuccessful. He speaks of widely advertising in Shrewton but a few post-it notes are not a serious publicity campaign. At the least he should have placed a piece in Arrowhead to explain what was on offer and when the George was open, with a website address. I was never clear on this. Whenever I passed it was closed. I was a regular user of the old George and see no reason why it could not be successful as a family run village pub..

  2. I refute Mr Hirst’s comment when he says “not one single person from the village” etc…I know of a number of people including ourselves who have had a drink and a meal there. To support the new owner, we went within a week of opening on the Friday to what was called “The Thai Evening”. We found the surroundings pleasant with nice lighting around the bar but to say it was a bizarre experience, would put it mildly!! There were only two types of Thai dishes – Green Thai chicken or Red Thai chicken, both prepared by Billy, our esteemed village butcher, so we had one of each and swopped half way!!! Choice of wine was minimal with only one white and one red. We eventually had to ask for a heater to be placed near our table as the place was so cold. Whilst waiting for our food – enjoying an aperitif, a lady appeared in a bit of a flap and with her dog, a nice Labrador, telling us there was already a party of Polish people renting rooms upstairs and she ventured the room charges were £200.00 per room per night and they were now full. All these people had arrived in a white Mercedes Sprinter van!! One of the occupants came down to ask for a heater!! Our food duly arrived and was served by a very lovely little girl of about 14 while the dog wandered around the tables which were not occupied until we were on to dessert when a party of 4 arrived who only had 1 course and left. During this, Mr Hirst arrived and proceeded to subject us to a 45 minute tirade of complaints about the village and its people! Needless to say, we paid and left and have not returned because of events that have unfolded since!

  3. Wiltshire Council have confirmed that the application description was incorrect, there was also no marketing information submitted with the application. In light of this the application has been made ‘invalid’ which removes it from the system/website. Once they have received the information from the applicant/description changed then the application will be ‘re-registered’ and the PC/neighbours will be consulted again, site notice erected etc.

  4. Reality check. The community had the opportunity to buy The George in 2014, but didn’t. The George was listed as an Asset of Community value in August 2015 but the community did not follow up. There were once six pubs in Shrewton, there aren’t now and The Plume has limited opening hours. Business Reporter said in February this year “Figures from rates and rents specialist CVS show that a fifth of pubs – or 11,443 – have closed between April 2010 and the end of last year, which is the equivalent of four pubs every day. There is now the lowest ever number of pubs in England and Wales, at 43,231, down from 54,674 in April 2010.” There is a nostalgic view of The George but opportunities have been missed. Time to accept this and move on. Perhaps the community should be supporting the Social Club which seems the best opportunity to create the kind of family friendly ‘pub’ environment for the village.

    Note: This is my personal view and is not an editorial opinion of which remains impartial.

  5. I would love to have a pub which was welcoming and sold good food. The George could have been such a place but the owner, although initially stating that he was intent on setting up such a venue, seemed to change his vision of it from week to week so that we never knew quite what it was meant to be and therefore it has been difficult to support it – by the way, I have eaten a meal in there and also had a drink at the bar, so I have, along with others, given it a chance.
    I think that it is possible to run a money-making venture at The George but for this to happen there needs to be a really welcoming environment offering people something which they are prepared to get up and leave the comfort of their armchairs for. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case at The George since its been under new ownership.

  6. I think it’s safe to assume from the amount of cars and vans parked around the George that’s it’s ‘full’ , and is an accident waiting to happen he appears to do exactly what he wants irrespective of rules .

  7. I also object and thing a pub that does pub grub or a Sunday lunch is all that is missing in Shrewton!

  8. I would like to see the George remain as a Pub or Restaurant
    I therefore would object to this change of use

    • Not one single person from the village of Shrewton including Alan Venn, have visited or bought one single drink. As stated by others, the village had signs “peppered” everywhere saying The George was open for business, yet some small minded stupid idiots took the signs down. At the local garage in Shrewton we have an ad in for 6 months – yet not one single customer.

      New Years Eve – one empty bar – despite heavy advertising through out Shrewton

      Everyone has had the opportunity to buy The George 3 years ago, and it has been back on the market for over 6 months not one single person from Shrewton has show any interest.

      The George would never make a profit as restaurant as it could only serve 40 people, you need to be able to serve 500 people plus to have a successful restaurant like Rick Steins in Sandbanks

      Drive through Salisbury and see the amount of Pubs shut down, with Tesco selling 20 bottles of Budweiser or Stella for just 50 pence a bottle, every single pub in the UK is destined to close.

      If Alan Venn is so confident that The George can be successful as a pub and restaurant, he is welcome to buy the place

      All we ask is that people leave honest genuine comments

      And for the persons have continued to stop us from trading for the past 3 years, we will be seeking substantial compensation – if anyone is prepared to name these persons who allegedly drink in the Plume of Feathers – a cash reward is offered – confidential guaranteed.

      Please support The Plume of Feathers or in the future they will no pub left in Shrewton

      “The Chief medical office” guideline for both men and women is that: You are safest not to drink regularly more than 14 units per week, to keep health risks from drinking alcohol to a low level. If you do drink as much as 14 units per week, its best to spread this evenly over 3 days or more.

      6 glasses of 175ml of 6 glasses of wine

      6 pints of larger or ale

      5 pints of cider

      25ml 16 amounts of spirits

      If you find it difficult to enjoy yourself or relax without alcohol, it is possible you have become dependant on Alcohol

      Alcohols Anonymous 0800 917760

      Alcohol Concern 0300 123 1110

      It is an offence under the licensing Act 2003 to sell or to obtain alcohol for, a person who is drunk on licensed premises

      • I think the points made by Peter Hirst are “well interesting” but not all pubs are failing in the UK, there are successful pubs and new ones reopening such as The Kings Head at Chiterne that reopens at the
        end of the month serving good food ect and run and owned by nice people.

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