Traffic and Travel

Traffic Forum

On Thursday 31st 140 people attended the Traffic Forum at the Social Club arranged by Cllr Darren Henry.  Speaking were: Cllr Darren Henry, Shrewton resident and Wiltshire Councillor for Till and Wylye Valley Division; Cllr  Graham Wright, Wiltshire Councillor for Durrington and Larkhill Division; Lt Col David Penniall, Garrison Management Team and Deputy Garrison Commander, Royal Artillery Barracks, Larkhill; Lt Col Stew Andrews, Senior Training Safety Officer SPTA, DIO SD Training, Westdown Camp, Tilshead; Insp Nick Mawson, Wiltshire East Community Policing Team.  Also in attendance was Cllr Bridget Wayman, Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Waste, Wiltshire Council.

The forum was focused on the current issues resulting from the road closure of The Packway at Larkhill, while wider issues of: traffic routing through London Road and High Street; overweight vehicles using those roads; military vehicles using that route; speeding and the A303 improvements. Each speaker updated the forum on their particular area.

Key issues:

  • Army Basing – The works being carried out by Lovell to construct 444 homes and supporting works were on target and The Packway would reopen to westbound traffic (possibly two way light controlled) at the end of September and would be fully open by the end of October.

See Army Basing Newsletter July 2017

  • Traffic will be able to continue using Fargo Road/Wood Road – the information that Fargo Road would be closed ‘could have been communicated better’.

See Larkhill Travel Notice August 2017

  • Improvements to Rollestone Crossroads and traffic calming on Shrewton’s roads would cost in the region of £95,000.  Application for funding had been made.
  • Drivers of military vehicles were instructed not to use London Road/High Street – but do not follow this order or are directed by Sat Nav to that route.  Registration number of vehicles seen on local roads should be reported to the Complaints Help Desk on 01980 620819.
  • The police do not have the funding or resources to enforce traffic issues. Cyber crime and child protection are higher priorities.

Following the presentations those attending were invited to ask questions.

A303 Improvements

There has been a lot of speculation in the media recently regarding the A303 past Stonehenge with various bodies expressing their opinions about which route the road should follow. The Parish Council wrote to our MP, John Glen, asking if any updated information was available. He replied on 16th August 2017 as follows:-

Thank you for your letter.

As you know, Highways England has been consulting on options through the early part of this year and an announcement on their preferred route is due soon (I would certainly expect within the next 6-8 weeks).

At that point, detailed scrutiny of the preferred option will begin with a view to commencing what people would recognise as a more conventional planning process (this would begin in autumn 2018 for 20 months leading to sign off by the Secretary of State in March 2020).

I know it feels as though things have gone quiet but, in all of my conversations with Highways England, I am assured that the background work is on schedule and proceeding as expected.

Very best regards