A303 Consultation – Closing date for feedback


The closing date for submitting your views on Highways England’s plans for the A303 is Sunday 5th of March.

Visit the Highways England consultation page for more details and to submit your feedback.


A303 Consultation

uk_road_a303Visit the Highways England Consultation Hub for more information about the proposals for the tunnel and Winterbourne Stock bypass options so you can brief yourself before attending the event in Shrewton Village Hall on Friday 20th January between 5pm and 9pm or one of the other presentations being held in Winterbourne Stoke, Amesbury and Larkhill.

A303 Tunnel Given Go Ahead – Updated

This major investment in the South West will transform the A303 and benefit those locally by cutting congestion and improving journey times.

It will also boost the economy, linking people with jobs and businesses with customers.


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A303 -Change of Plan and BBC Radio Wiltshire Coverage

uk_road_a303The proposed consultation meetings mentioned in the previous post have been postponed.  The bookings of hallsHighStreetTraffic were, it seems, provisional. As yet no dates have been proposed for these to take place.

On January 5th the Ben Prater programme on BBC Wiltshire radio included an item on the traffic problems in Shrewton.  A reporter visited the High Street – and was surprised by the number of vehicles and their speed. Continue reading

Consultation on A303 begins…?

uk_road_a303See story on the Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council Page the consultation is due to get underway with meetings in Winterbourne Stoke on 13th and 14th of January and Shrewton, at the Village Hall (Rec. hall) , following week.

However no official notice seems to have been given by Highways England.

We’ll bring you more news as it breaks.

Thanks to Paul Timlett for spotting this.