Special Shopping Event at Stonhenge



New Stonehenge Permissive Path Opens

The new Permissive Path at Stonehenge is finally open after a three-year delay waiting for the grass to grow strong enough to bare the weight of a few cyclists and pedestrians it passes within a few feet of the Heal Stone  gives free access to the public and allows you to take some beautiful photographs without having to have a local residents pass and then booking your appointment time along with other tourists. The opening of the path opens the old connection between Shrewton and West Amesbury if you are brave enough to cross the A303 although the authorities deem it to be a safe crossing.

Recently a group of pedestrians and cyclist from surrounding villages came together to mark the occasion former unitary councillor Ian West accompanied them along the route. The path allows the public to use the old A344 road and the new path from Airman’s Corner roundabout to the A303 free of charge and without any passes, horses are not permitted on the new path which is the grassed over part of the old road but can travel from the roundabout to By-Way 12 which passes close to the stones and goes to Larkhill in one direction and Druids Lodge in the other free of charge and without passes this opens the access to the by-way and allows travel in both directions on horseback.

Further details available from Ian West 01980 620389, ian.west560@gmail.com