Friends of St. Mary’s Church

Who are the Friends?

All those who value St Mary’s Church and wish to contribute regularly towards the cost of its repair, maintenance, improvement and the enhancement of the beauty of the interior and furnishings.

The Friends of St Mary’s Church, Shrewton is a registered charity (No. 1091400) formed to raise funds to repair, maintain, improve and enhance the beauty of our historic parish church.

Since The Friends were formed in 2002 more than £50,000 has been raised and The Friends have provided funds for, among other things, the  re-decoration of the interior of the church, the re-roofing of the north side of the nave, repairs to the stonework the window grills the churchyard  railings and the wrought iron gates to the porch. In addition The Friends have contributed to the cost of re-ordering  the  nave with a raised platform, nave altar, lectern and a purpose built kitchen unit all made by skilled craftsmen in oak. The result gives the church an ”open” feel in which the congregation feels  included and enables the church to be used for other events such as concerts and drama productions.

What needs to be done?

The church members already raise the money to run the church from day to day from regular giving and fund raising events. These costs include funding the clergy stipend and pension, and finding the routine running expenses for heating, electricity, insurance and so on. Beyond this however, as with all historic buildings, there is always work to be done – repairs and maintenance is required to the walls, roof, windows and heating. The cost of this work is always substantial and cannot be met from normal income. That is where The Friends step in.

Why join the Friends?

  • You believe our generation has a responsibility to maintain the church so that it will be there for future generations to use and enjoy.You appreciate the church as a beautiful and historic building.
  • You live or work in Shrewton and the church is part of the history of the community.
  • You were baptised or married in the church, or your forebears are buried in the churchyard and it is part of your family history.
  • You value the church as a place of worship and prayer, and peace and tranquility.
    There may be times when you and your family will want to use the church, perhaps for marriages, baptisms and funerals.
  • You are a visitor and find it a place of interest that you wish to help preserve.
  • You wish to make a personal contribution of money.

Each year The Friends have an outing to places of interest and in recent years have enjoyed visits to Sandham Memorial Chapel and Highclere Castle, Windsor Castle, Salisbury Cathedral Wells and Tyntesfield. The Friends also arrange a lecture each year which has proved interesting and informative.  These occasions enable members to meet each other socially and enjoy the company of each other.

Anyone wishing to join The Friends should contact Chris Edwards on 01980 620887 or June Morris on 01980 620264 or click here and download the Friends Membership Application and Standing Order Form.


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