Save Our Swings!

As you are aware the Recreation Ground is in grave financial difficulty. One area that they have had to cut back on is financial support of the play park and swings.  As a result the area has fallen into disrepair and unless something happens it will fail its Health and Safety checks this year resulting in its closure.  It is the only play park in the village.

The solution is to raise funds – enough to redesign the area and add new equipment. Hannah has taken up the baton on this and started the “Save our Swings” campaign!

A fund has been set up under the Shrewton Recreational Charity management and that has received several donations.

  • One of £1000 from Mrs Garly, whose son Paul’s memory is honoured yearly in the Garly Cup.
  • Wiltshire Grain have pledged sponsorship of £900 pa
  • Vinci have said they will provide the labour and machinery needed
    • Hopefully also supplying the ground cover
    • There has been a sponsored walk held by Shrewton Pre-School to raise money.

Hannah is awaiting designs and quotes for new equipment and is forging ahead with fundraising on a large scale.

It was Hannah who approached Vinci Construction (responsible for the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre) who are familiar with play park installations and have amazing contacts. In those conversations, Simon Clark, site manager, has said that Vinci will provide the labour and machinery needed along with hopefully supplying the ground cover which is a huge amount of the budget.  This is a fantastic offer from them.

Visit the Facebook page – which is updated regularly and where anyone can post ideas and comments.

Any donations would be gratefully received and can be forwarded to Mick Cotton, Treasurer of Shrewton Recreational Charity.

Please help Hannah on this. The play park is a resource all parents of young children in our community can use – let’s do more than just keep it but improve it!


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