Shrewton Oil Sheiks

Most of us depend on home heating oil (kerosene) for hot water and central heating. Buying oil in bulk can save some money.

Shrewton Oil Sheiks is an oil buying group run by Mike Badham-Thornhill.  If you are interested in saving money on your oil then join over 260 local residents (August 2015) already on Mike’s list then him on with your address and a contact phone number.

Mike will send out a ‘calling notice’ email in the middle of the month asking if you need oil.  If you do he will shop around the various suppliers at the end of the month and get the best price.  He then orders the oil on your behalf letting you know the supplier, negotiated cost, when the delivery is likely to take place and any payment details.  He does not get involved in payment which is between you and the supplier.

Generally the savings are in excess of 10%.  Anyone in the Shrewton, Tilshead, Orcheston and Chitterne area is welcome to join the group and there is no charge for this service.

One thought on “Shrewton Oil Sheiks

  1. This is a great service. Typically Mike is ordering in excess of 30,000 litres a time and is getting the expected savings for us. BoilerJuice Group purchasing price 42 ppl, Shrewton Oil Sheiks price at same date 36 ppl.

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