Shrewton Oil Sheiks

From Mike Badham-Thornhil September 2017.

I am going to close this group.  The only aim of this group is to provide oil at the lowest price possible and buying in bulk helps to do this.  However I have found another source that is more competitive.  The link is  You will see that this will only work for individuals but they were quoting a better price than I could manage at the point of the last buy.

I propose to stop doing anything with this group but ask that you try this company and if after about 6 months I get negative feedback then we will re-start SOS.


One thought on “Shrewton Oil Sheiks

  1. This is a great service. Typically Mike is ordering in excess of 30,000 litres a time and is getting the expected savings for us. BoilerJuice Group purchasing price 42 ppl, Shrewton Oil Sheiks price at same date 36 ppl.

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