Footpaths, Bridleways and Byways of Shrewton

A small project was undertaken to make finding the paths of Shrewton just a little bit easier.

The formal descriptions of the paths is a rather dry document and not that easy to follow. The project hoped to ease identification of rights of way within the parish of Shrewton by adding pictures and some informal comments.

Not all the 41 paths have been included – the list below contains links to those that have. (Number 20 no longer exists.)

Some paths are not included. Some are “permissive paths” and fine to use but other tracks are sometimes used although they are private. Paths in neighbouring Parishes, such as Orcheston and Winterbourne Stoke, often used by walkers from Shrewton, are also not included.

Photographs were taken at the ends and intersections of the paths, with descriptive comments added. Hopefully, these notes will be improved and more paths added here to the Village website

Feedback is welcome! Please send your own pictures of the paths, particularly those of more distant parts, with views over Salisbury Plain.
And should you find any problems, please contact the Parish Council. Paths, including stiles and gates, do need to be maintained!

And where we know paths exist, walks can be created. We have added walks created by the WI and hope to add more of the near infinite number of walks in and around Shrewton. And if you make up one of your own, be sure to send it in. There are various ways to record walks – more on that in time too.

Path 1 (pdf),(webpage);
Path 2, Path 3, Path 4, Path 5, Path 6, Path 7, Path 8, Path 9
Path 10, Path 11, Path 12, Path 13, Path 14, Path 15, Path 16, Path 17, Path 18, Path 19
Path 21, Path 22, Path 23, Path 24, Path 25, Path 26, Path 27, Path 28, Path 29
Path 30, Path 31, Path 32, Path 33, Path 34, Path 35, Path 36, Path 37, Path 38, Path 39
Path 40, Path 41, Path 42