Formal Descriptions and Definitions

The list of Public Rights of Way is maintained by Wiltshire Council on what is known as the Definitive Map and Statement and was first drawn up in the early 1950s.

However, while that can only been seen in Trowbridge they have kindly put a “working copy” of the map online.

Wiltshire Council regularly review this information and send a copy of the Statement to the Parish Council whenever changes are made. This rather dry document, the “definitive list” is a formal written description of each of the 41 paths (number 20 no longer exists). The version here was issued in March 2015.

A small project was run to make locating the footpaths, bridleways and byways of Shrewton little easier – at least for those close to the village centre. Many of the path numbers have been stencilled on the path markers too.

There are several types of public rights of way, including CRB – a carriage road mainly used as a bridleway – and these definitions can be found on Wiltshire Council’s website.

Feedback is welcome! Please send your own pictures of the paths to be added, particularly those of more distant parts, with views over Salisbury Plain.

And where we know paths exist, walks can be created like these from the WI. Click on the link to see where you can walk in and around Shrewton. And if you make up a route of your own, be sure to send it in. There are also apps for smart phones that can record your walks – where you went and the distance covered – feel free to send those as well with a description.

Enjoy your walks around Shrewton.