St Mary’s Shrewton

The present church is Norman built on the site of an earlier Saxon church. Many of the parishioners are active in various activities and groups in the village and their respective places of work. There is a kind and caring spirit within the parish. The style of worship aims to meet the needs of all the parishioners as is the case in most rural parish churches.


1st Sunday of the Month

2nd Sunday of the Month – 9:00 am
Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion

3rd Sunday of the Month – 10:30 am
Holy Communion

4th Sunday of the Month – 4:00 pm
Family Service

Tuesdays: 10am Holy Communion

Each day we say a short service of Morning Prayer at one of our churches, fifteen minutes maximum. Do join us if you can; it’s a great way to start the day. St. Mary’s Church, 10:00 am on Wednesday and 9:00 am on Saturday.


For further information please feel free to contact:

the Revd Eleanor Rance, The Vicarage, Chapel Lane, Shrewton
Or a Church warden:
Mrs Gay Jennings-Bramly Tel: 01980 620422, or
Mike Badham-Thornhill, Tel: 01980 620625.


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