Till Valley Link

Logo Till Valley LinkTill Valley Link Good Neighbour Scheme believes that local communities and volunteers can have a positive impact in maintaining the unique quality of life in our villages.

Declining services and an increasing population of older people and others who need support leave many vulnerable, socially isolated and unable to access the essential services and social activities that enable them to maintain an independent and enjoyable life style.

Till Valley Link draws on the goodwill already existing in our villages by providing a pool of volunteers to help individuals, communities and all vulnerable residents.

This shows how it all works.tillvalleylink

The services provided by Till Valley Link are free and totally confidential. However, donations to the Link Scheme itself are encouraged and are used in the provision of our service which is run entirely by volunteers.

All of our volunteers aim to provide a friendly and valuable service to all the residents of Berwick St James, Orcheston, Shrewton, Tilshead and Winterbourne Stoke.


Should you wonder why you might volunteer, read the answer one of our drivers gave.

I was asked why I drive for Link. Consider how you would be placed if you lived in Shrewton and had no car and no friends or family member who could give you lifts. I think most of us in that situation would find it hard to keep even a minimum of essential social and medical appointments. The buses are sparse and under threat of reduction; the demand for the service offered by Link is likely to increase.

Apart from meeting the very real need, the volunteer driver has the opportunity to meet interesting local people who might otherwise never cross their path. The length of time given is for the individual volunteer to decide. I think it is time very well spent.

Chris Edwards
3 April 2016

If that convinces you and you would like to become a volunteer, please download and print the application form, complete and send to Angela Webb, Heatherbank, The Hollow, Shrewton.

(Charity Registration Number: 1041883)

One thought on “Till Valley Link

  1. Thank you all those who attended the Annual General Meeting of the Till Valley Link Scheme at Maddington Church Room on the 18 June. The new committee look forward to supporting the villages of Berwick St James, Orcheston, Tilshead, Shrewton and Winterbourne Stoke during the coming year. Good wishes is extended to the new committee and many thanks for their help to all our clients during the past year.
    Note: The name of the local Scheme is: Till Valley Link. The Good Neighbour Scheme is a separate charitable organisation, serving a wider area than your local Link Scheme, but, it is also supported by Community First, as is the Till Valley Link.
    The Co-ordinator can be reached on 01980 620 525

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