Shrewton has a history going back in time to at least when Stonehenge was built and the tumuli were bare chalk mounds. The population has grown and shrunk, houses been built and washed away in floods, businesses established and changed to meet the needs of the day.

The articles here give glimpses into that past, of some of the people who have lived here and the buildings that make up the parish.

We hope you find them interesting and, should you have something new to add, be willing to share that with us.

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Shrewton Village Walk

Click here to download a pdf file describing a self guided walk visiting some of Shrewton’s historic places of interest.  Distance 1.5 miles with two stiles.

Do you have a story to tell or do you know of someone who can tell us a story?  If so please get in touch.  We can record an oral history recording, copy documents or work from written notes.

Further Information

There is a Facebook Group – Memories of Shrewton – which contains photos and reminiscences of the village.

For more information about the history of Shrewton visit Shrewton Village on this website which includes links to other sources.