The Georgian Times

“The Georgian Times” was, based on the two issues I have seen, a quirky, entertaining and sometimes risqué publication written and published by the late Pat Dempsey from May 1994.  The contents reflect village life at the time with births and marriages, gardening notes, sports results, humour and with a lot of stories from goings on at The Georges.

I was loaned issues 5 and 7 by Billy Baxter who had them conveniently to hand in the front of his shop, as you would with a twenty year old magazine!!  These gave been scanned and you can read them on-line below.  Apologies for the quality of the scanning. I wanted to, and did, return them to Billy without destroying the binding.

Billy is going to see if he has any more copies – he had them all at one time.  If you have any copies of editions not listed below and would be prepared to lend them to me for scanning I will ensure they are returned in good condition.

John Dudman
01980 621048 

The Georgian Times

Issue 5 – November 1994
Issue 7 – May 1995



2 thoughts on “The Georgian Times

  1. Hello Tony. That’s a great publication and putting out a 42 page magazine on a regular basis is no small undertaking. Best wishes, Mark Young.

  2. I was landlord of The George for 20 years and with Pat Dempsey initiated The Georgian Times. I have copies of all of the magazines issued. I fondly remember those Thursday evenings when the the magazines were published. The pub full of customers grasping their 50ps checking that they had not inadvertently made the news. In the end it out grew itself and was strangled when the politically correct section of the community complained.
    It all came about, when one of the regulars came in rather irate one night,
    after a feisty parent’s evening. For some reason he continuously kept repeating the word vitriolic. Not a word used much in the pub at the time, Pat Dempsey, pint in hand was on it in a flash. If you get in touch I’ll let you borrow the other copies. CHEERS🍻😂

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