Parish Issues

Issues raised to the Parish Council are generally of significant interest to our community.

This page gives details of some of these items and links to relevant information are shown on the menu to the right. Historic issues can also be found here.

The Parish Council really wants to hear your views, comments and questions on these issues and feel free to attend the monthly meetings when such topics will be discussed. You can also give us your view at the bottom of this page.


Neighbourhood Plan – the Parish Council started a new Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (NPWG) in 2016. The focus is mostly on housing with details on how many new houses, types of housing where they should be located. Take a look and please feedback on the contents. More information will be added over the coming months.

Traffic – Probably the most contentious issue affecting Shrewton. The Traffic Working Group, set up by the Parish Council, is in the process of developing the Shrewton Traffic Plan. There are several parts to it – revising the weight limits, adding buildouts and new white lining and other traffic calming measures. Some steps are already in place. The SpeedWatch team and now the new SIDs (Speed Indicating Devices) are giving us a clearer picture on the volume and speed of traffic and the police have recently supported our efforts to “discourage” speeding motorists and enforce speed limits.


Reducing Street Lighting – Issue raised by a keen astronomer in August 2015. Plan implemented October 2015.

NOTE – Information added may be extracted from communications on the subject, related documents, links to background information,  summary statements and so on. While the subjects will have been discussed at Shrewton Parish Council meetings, the documents and views expressed may not reflect those of the Council.


What's your view?

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