Flood Plan

Some of the parish is at risk of flooding at times of heavy rainfall.  The areas around the Till, a winterbourne, being particularly at risk.

Den Parrett is flood warden and is your contact for potential or actual flooding from ground water. He has number of volunteers to help him.  Den can be contacted at any time on 01980 620431, mobile 07926081893, email denparrett.shrewton@gmail.com

  • There are around a hundred filled sandbags in store and a further three tons of sand ready and waiting to be bagged should the need arise.
  • The Bridge Garage will be the distribution point – many thanks to Chas and the Ladies in the shop for all their help.

The Environment Agency have been able to issue a groundwater flood alert across Salisbury Plain. The flood alert is an early warning about the potential for flooding to occur.

Following the groundwater flooding in 2013 / 2014, the EA have analysed their records and have produced 22 community based flood warning areas. These cover more specific areas than the flood alerts. One of these community warning areas covers The Till including Tilshead, Orcheston, Shrewton, Winterborne Stoke, Berwick St James and Stapleford.

To find out if you are at risk and to register to receive these Flood Alerts and Flood Warnings for groundwater call Floodline on 0345 988 118 (24 hour service) or online.

How you can help:

1915 Shrewton Floods

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