Neighbourhood Plan

What is Shrewton’s Neighbourhood Plan?

The aim of the plan is to document how any developments in Shrewton should be sited while fitting to Wiltshire’s Core Strategy which currently calls for 28 new houses by 2026.

Development of the Neighbourhood Plan continues with Shrewton Parish Council pushing to see it finished by the summer of 2017.

The plan builds on previous work but be dramatically simplified to ensure the plan passes independent audit and obtains the majority vote from the residents of Shrewton in a referendum.

Neighbourhood Plan Documents

April 2016 Strategy

Draft Plan August 2016

Potential Development Sites

Wiltshire Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) – Overview

Wiltshire Council’s SHLAA for Amesbury Community Area – includes Shrewton – see pages 46 to 62 for Shrewton.

Please give us your views – it is important the group hear them.



What's your view?

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