This page provides links to useful information about traffic in and around Shrewton and Wiltshire

Check for roadworks and delays in Wiltshire – interactive map.

Community Speed Watch

Lorry Watch

STAG (Stonehenge Traffic Action Group)



One thought on “Traffic

  1. Weight Restriction B3086.

    You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear your comments on the Proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) which was to have introduced a 7.5 tonne Weight Restriction on the High Street/London Road/Packway have borne fruit, and the Weight Restriction has been revised down to 3.5 tonnes, subject to final approval by the Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport on 4th August 2015.
    Well done to all who wrote in reponse to the proposed TRO.
    However, we all still need to be vigilant, because there will still be drivers who decide to flout it; so if you see one, take the VRN, time and date and let me know.

    David Hassett

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