Lorry Watch

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) use both the B3086 (Shrewton High Street leading into London Road) and the B3083 (Salisbury Street, leading to Winterbourne Stoke).  Ignoring the posted Weight Restrictions.

Shrewton Parish Council, have decided to introduce a “Lorry Watch” scheme as part of the Shrewton Traffic Plan.  Lorry Watch will be run in a similar way to the Community Speed Watch, and we need volunteers to help with the establishment of this scheme.

Please contact me to volunteer to spend a few hours monitoring the traffic.

If you see an HGV ignoring the Weight Restrictions on these roads, please note; the Registration Number, and the date, and time of the occurrence, then contact me, by email, or telephone with the details.

Should you have a digital camera set up with date/time details even better.

My telephone no: (01980) 621118
My email: shrewton-stoves@tiscali.co.uk

Thank you.

David Haslett

Wiltshire Grain

Wiltshire Grain near Rollestone Camp has 101,000t storage capacity and 152 members. That’s a lot of lorries.  The Parish Council raised an issue with Wiltshire Grain in February about the condition of a sign and in response Nick Brown assured that the sign would be replaced.  He  also provided a copy of a letter which is issued to contractors using the store.  The wording is reproduced below.


Please note that the 83083 From the 4303 at Winterbourne Stoke To the 4360 at Shrewton has a 7.5 tonne weight limit and must not be used by vehicles exceeding that weight. Also the 83086 from the 4360 at Shrewton to the site entrance at Wiltshire Grain is out of bounds to lorries visiting the Store, this restriction was imposed on Wiltshire Grain when planning permission was granted for the Store. Thus Wiltshire Grain will have to ban any haulier that fail to comply with its L06 Lorry Routing Agreement.

There are two ways of accessing the Store

1. From the Roundabout of the A360 and Stonehenge Visitor Centre, use the B3086 at its junction with the Packway, follow the road round to the left, the entrance to the Store is 500 yards on the right.

2. From the roundabout of the A345 and B3028, take the Packway through the Larkhill Garrison, at the junction with the B3086 carry straight [on,] the entrance to the Store is 500 yards on the right. lf you require any further information please contact the Store direct on 01980 620140.”

Our advice: If you become aware of grain lorries using the routes shown on their way to or from Wiltshire (you suspect) we suggest you contact the store using the number shown.


One thought on “Lorry Watch

  1. Had a very useful email from Southern Co-Op yesterday(Thursday 10th June) stating that the Delivery drivers for the High Street Store will be reminded to stop using the B3083 Salisbury Road accessing/exiting the Village. We live in hope….
    Interesting to note that yesterday’s Delivery truck hailed from Chester-le-Street; I never realised this was in the South of England (?).

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