Parliamentary Candidates – Views on Shrewton Traffic

On 29th March, 2015 village resident Claire Goodey contacted candidates standing in the Salisbury Constituency to get their views on village’s traffic problems.


Given that the biggest local concern of Shrewton residents is the
volume and speed of traffic through the village since the A344 was
closed, if you are elected on 7 May, how would you support our case
with Wiltshire Council to make Shrewton’s road safer?

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Claire Goodey (Mrs)

THE RESPONSES – in the order they replied:

John Glen – Conservative

Dear Mrs Goodey,

Thank you for your email. I will happily meet with residents’ groups – as I have in the past to see where I may act as an advocate for you (within the parameters that exist) and see whether I can lobby for the measures you require – to the LA or Highways (or both). Obviously, this will be dependent on my re-election.

Very best regards

29th, March 2015

Tom Corbin – Labour

Dear Claire,

Thank you for your email. I must say that in my opinion the A344 should not have been closed without alternative plans being introduced for improvements to the A303.

I am very much aware of the issues that Shrewton has, having a couple of friends who live in the village. The road has always had issues with drivers failing to recognise their excessive speed when passing through a residential area. This has of course been greatly exacerbated by the large increase in traffic following the closure of the A344 as Shrewton has become a rat run for traffic avoiding congestion on the A303.

I am more than happy to champion Shrewton residents need for traffic to be slowed and controlled through the village. Whether that is by restricting the flow of traffic with signals, crossings or traffic calming measures or perhaps a combination of all.

I have had some recent experience in jointly demanding road safety improvements with fellow Councillors. We have all been very disappointed with the Wiltshire Council Cabinet member’s response to an issue for which we feel is very simple and inexpensive to improve safety. So I am not on the least bit surprised at the slow progress that Shrewton’s residents face.

Whilst the closure of the A344 has undoubtedly increased the need for safety improvements in Shrewton, I do not feel that the A303 tunnel will go ahead regardless of who is in Government on the 8th May. It is my opinion that the A303 road improvements at Stonehenge have been pushed as a sweetner for voters for the various LibDem and Conservative MPs whose constituencies overlap the route, knowing that the scheme will be later determined to be non-deliverable. It angers me that businesses and constituents are mislead in this way, however having seen this happen repeatedly in the past, I suspect most people are not expecting the tunnel scheme to go ahead.
Best wishes

Tom Corbin

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Salisbury Constituency.
30th, March 2015

Paul Martin – UKIP

Hi Claire,

Wilts CC are not in a position to listen or act upon any solutions unless it can be done without cost!!! However, I am a good persuader so let me know what you want to change and then I will have some ammo to shoot with!

I am happy to meet with you in Salisbury to get a better understanding if we can fit a time convenient to both?


7th April, 2015

Alison Craig – Green

Dear Claire,

Thank you for your email. I believe that Shrewton’s traffic problems are a result of our society’s prioritisation of the car as a means of transportation. Greens campaign for a slight but significant and effective shift in resource allocation between the private car, public transport, and walking and cycling.

I believe the best way of alleviating the issue would be to reduce the volume of traffic through Shrewton and along the A303. I believe that people should be encouraged to use public transportation such as buses and trains to travel, rather than their cars. In addition, there should be an increased emphasis on railfreight and local production to reduce the number of lorries passing through at the same time.

I do not believe that the solution lies with dualling the A303. I am concerned that such an action would risk damaging the archaeology and landscape around Stonehenge, and imperil the area’s status as a World Heritage Site. I believe that our heritage is priceless, and it would send a poor message about south Wiltshire if we allowed that heritage to be damaged.

You might be interested to listen to my recent reply to a question on Stonehenge and A303 congestion on BBC Radio Wiltshire – see Election Special broadcast link here:

One idea I put forward is to improve rail transport to the west country by, for example, dualling the railway line to Exeter.

It has been suggested that a tunnel be built to replace the existing section of the A303. However, I believe that the only viable tunnel would have to be at least 4.5 km long to ensure that the World Heritage Site is not affected. Needless to say, this is far more expensive than the current proposals, and I believe that the money required would be better spent on reducing the number of cars on our roads as I have outlined above. This is of course assuming that the funds promised for a tunnel are not part of a pre-election wishlist that will be rescinded after the election!

With best wishes,

Alison Craig
Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Salisbury Constituency
17th April, 2015

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4 thoughts on “Parliamentary Candidates – Views on Shrewton Traffic

  1. Interesting views and a worthwhile exercise – thank you Mrs Goodey. Will be interesting to see whether our likely Conservative MP (or any of the candidates) will actually do anything that results in positive action. Have yet to see it and it is not as though this issue is new.

  2. We await, with bated breath, responses from Reeten Banerji, and King Arthur Pendragon….
    Here’s a conundrum, though: who’s likely to give the best rendition of “The Vly be on the Turmut”?

  3. Well, at least we know who four of the parties are. Now, let me think…. who else is popping leaflets through the door?

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