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The statement below from Janice Hassett is a personal view and does not represent the views of the Civil Parish Council or

“The STAG campaign was set up in August 2013, following the closure of the A344 to accommodate the new Stonehenge Visitor’s Centre.   We needed to get something done about the build up of traffic on the A303, a major route that allows one to travel east and west in the south of the county.   The A344 was a major through route between the A303 and the north of the county and closing it, not only created queues on the A303 but also created consistent rat running through villages around the Stonehenge area, as drivers divert off, trying to find alternative routes to avoid the queues on this main arterial route.   Adding to the queues are visitor’s wishing to see the monument.  When previously, they could turn off the A303 onto the A344 and visit the monument along with what was the old visitor’s centre now demolished, have to remain on the A303  for a further 1 and a half miles to Longbarrow roundabout and turn right to the new visitor’s centre, therefore adding to the build up of traffic and the dangerous act of taking “on the move” photos of the monument as they pass by.”

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3 thoughts on “STAG – Stonehenge Traffic Action Group

  1. STAG update 1st September 2015 from Janice Hassett:

    Minster acknowledges Rat Running in Shrewton….

    At a meeting in Antrobus House – Monday 3rd August where some Amesbury Councillors it was clear, were surprised to see STAG in attendance…I was pleased to have received an invite to the above meeting where the Secretary of State for Transport Andrew Jones MP was in the Chair. We thank him for taking the time to give us an update on the A303 since no other Transport Sec has done so.
    The meeting made public, information we already knew from last April, but were sworn to secrecy by The National Trust who are engaging with us on a regular basis. The Minister wanted us to know that the need to “get on with things” vis the A303 are paramount during this Government although he admitted our section will be delicate, sensitive and a challenge but he could say they hoped that work would start by April 2020. There is much to be done in the waiting period with Highways England, National Trust, Heritage England and other Stakeholders involved in the design. He confirmed that there would be a 2.9k tunnel probably entering south of Kingbarrow and ending in the pig field tho’ nothing is set in stone! The completion we hope, will reduce rat running through our village and the Minister did acknowledge this problem. He had visited the section from Countess to Longbarrow prior to the meeting and I followed his vehicle out of Antrobus House, which turned left at Countess straight into a queue of traffic!! They were making their way further down the A303 corridor for more meetings.

    For a more detailed synopsis of the meeting, please see

    Dr Andrew Shuttleworth’s blog at:

  2. Update from David Hassett

    Sorry to say, Good people of Shrewton, despite vigorous objections to English Heritage’s Appliaction to hard surface the Overflow Car Park @ SHVC, and the dismissive ‘nod’ to landscaping the area, Southern Area Planning Committee approved this last evening by 7 t0 1 with one abstension.
    The one significant element is that EH have publicly stated that there will be no further car parking spaces applied for. Keep this very clearly in mind.
    Finally, thanks to Carole Slater for gaining acceptance from EH that they need to alter their thinking over the large vehicles, i.e. motorhomes that are currently ‘herded’ into the overflow area, and get them moved to either a lower part of the main car park, or into the coach park.

  3. Update from Janice Hassett,

    Councillor Ian West has worked tirelessly for over 30 years to have governments sit up and listen and until STAG came along, the powers that Be have taken little or no notice with some £46m spent on feasibility studies and nothing done to improve the road. Which is why, very early on, we invoked the assistance of our MP Mr John Glen who has been a great source of government advice as to how we could present a petition to parliament. In February 2014, John secured a 90 minute debate on the A303, in Westminster Hall which can be read in full on his web page above. Within his presentation, John told other Ministers present, that he was spurred on by The Stonehenge Traffic Action Group: STAG and the campaign. A few months after this debate, he presented our petition with 2500 signatures to parliament and John has been happy to provide regular support on the subject resulting in the Government giving the go-ahead for the A303 improvements plan in December 2014, by what ever means, and frankly, whatever is 登n the table・ will have to be a compromise to keep all camps happy.

    The National Trust are engaging with STAG, giving us regular updates on progress to dual/tunnel the A303. They have many hoops to jump through before any work can actually commence which could be a number of years off. They do however, confirm that Project Management companies are already in place and that the money to carry out the work has been ring fenced by the Conservative Government, and so, cannot be overturned. N.T have much to do, working with Highways England, DCMS, Historic England and other Stakeholders along with Stonehenge Alliance, a campaign which is against any kind of dualling. They say if there has to be a tunnel at all, it should be twice as long as that envisaged, and would cost half as much again, but are not willing to commit from where that extra money would come and that we should all get on our bikes!!Whatever is agreed for amendments to the A303, a compromise will need to be reached on all of these factors before any planning permission can be sought.

    So! that is as much as we know at present and I will continue to bring you up to speed.   Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

    Best wishes

    Janice: Founder of STAG e-mail
    Stonehenge Traffic Action Group



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