Traffic Plan

Your Parish Council recognises and is responding to the problems Shrewton has with: the volume of traffic using London Road and High Street; risks to pedestrians caused by large vehicles using unsuitable roads; health risks resulting of traffic fumes; damage to buildings and railings and speeding within the village.

In response to these issues the Parish Council has produced a Traffic Plan and has invited you to comment on specific proposals and make your own suggestions.

You can find out more below.  This page will be updated as new information is available – please check back regularly to stay up to date.

Traffic Plans and Proposals for Shrewton

Traffic Plan – January 2016 (updated January 2017)

Consultation – January 2017



3 thoughts on “Traffic Plan

  1. It is really encouraging to have these plans. The High street traffic gets worse in a daily basis. There needs to be a footpath all the way along, at the moment it is dangerous and only a matter of time before a pedestrian is badly hurt. Traffic calming by putting junctions in to force cars to give way to oncoming traffic may be a solution. The look of the high street will change as many of us with houses close to the road are looking to build 6ft high walls/fences to help lessen the noise & pollution from the traffic. A tunnel or a dual carriage way makes no odds to me-just do something ! At busy times residents are already strategically park cars to slow down the traffic. Why aren’the English Heritage working with the village to make things better? Only ranting as someone has just slammed on the brakes and narrowly missed my house.

  2. Unfortunately unless the volume of traffic that uses London Road and the High Street is reduced then I cannot see white lines making any difference to the problem. Through traffic will continue to cause congestion and will ignore any signage on the road and the parking around the Co-op will not be altered while the shop is as popular as it currently seems.
    The suggested alterations along the A360 may well slow traffic speeds.

  3. I am impressed by the work that has gone into an imaginative Traffic plan which has my support.

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