Curate Stephane Javelle

Dear all,

I attach to my few words of introduction a picture of me training at the gym. It is not the most conventional or flattering picture that one can use but it tells you a lot of me.

I keep fit to honour my creator, I keep fit to serve the people of God, I keep fit to meet different people and bring them the Gospel. I wear the t-shirt of the football team of Ripon College Cuddesdon where I trained to become a vicar. Not that I am a great footballer, definitely not, but because my friends in the college wanted me to join in and my friends are essential to me.

As you will hear when you will meet me, I am not a native form England, although some English blood floods in my veins. I come from France where I served as a civil-servant in my professional life and where I served the Anglican church in Marseille as a Lay-Reader.

I made the deliberate choice of training at Ripon College Cuddesdon where all the variety of traditions in the Church of England is represented. It has opened my eyes to different theologies and shaped me to be able to minister to all.

The next 3 or 4 years are going to be dedicated to you, serving God, learning from our Rector. I pray to God that these years will be fruitful, nourishing, comprehensive, prayerful and that we will have great fun together.

+ In Christo Iesu