Flood Wardens Spring Report 2017

With the arrival of early summer I thought it would be nice to reflect on the winter and spring period with the river Till. Because we had a dry autumn and winter there was very little to do compared with some of the previous winters. That’s not to say we were not prepared for a wet winter, we certainly were! We had plenty of sand and sand bags at the ready and still have so this means that we are virtually prepared for the coming autumn and winter!

Having said that there was not much to do I still encountered problems where residents once again used the river bed as a dump for lawn clippings and hedge cuttings, thus when the river eventually started flowing, the flow was restricted and blockages occurred, these had to be cleared by myself.

The practise of using the river bed and banks in this manner is totally unacceptable it is after all a designated SSSI site and an offence. Fortunately I have the full support of the Environment Agency and the Parish Council to take the necessary actions to stop this practice. I intend to walk the river where possible during the summer to check that the river is in as good a state as it can be, in readiness for the coming autumn and winter.

It is always nice to end with good news and on a positive note, and what could be better than seeing the family of water voles and all the ducklings thriving in the crystal clear water of our lovely River Till.

Finally on behalf of the Environment Agency and myself I would like to thank the Head Mistress of our primary School for allowing us to spend an afternoon with the year 5 and 6 pupils on the subject of the River Till – The Life of a Winterbourne! It was really good to see so much enthusiasm about our river.

Den Parrett
Shrewton Flood Warden