Focus on Shrewton and District WI

Shrewton and District WI meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Methodist Church Hall.  There is usually a guest speaker.  The WI is for women of all ages – come along to a meeting and discover our friendly and active group of women.

Our local WI also organise fundraising and the regular village clean-up.

Below are a couple of stories from 2016.

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A303 -Change of Plan and BBC Radio Wiltshire Coverage

uk_road_a303The proposed consultation meetings mentioned in the previous post have been postponed.  The bookings of hallsHighStreetTraffic were, it seems, provisional. As yet no dates have been proposed for these to take place.

On January 5th the Ben Prater programme on BBC Wiltshire radio included an item on the traffic problems in Shrewton.  A reporter visited the High Street – and was surprised by the number of vehicles and their speed. Continue reading

Consultation on A303 begins…?

uk_road_a303See story on the Winterbourne Stoke Parish Council Page the consultation is due to get underway with meetings in Winterbourne Stoke on 13th and 14th of January and Shrewton, at the Village Hall (Rec. hall) , following week.

However no official notice seems to have been given by Highways England.

We’ll bring you more news as it breaks.

Thanks to Paul Timlett for spotting this.

Your Traffic Group Needs Your Help

The traffic working group of the Parish Council is attempting to find ways to moderate the speed, volume and type of traffic using Shrewton’s roads to provide some respite for the village and those who live in it.

London Road and the High Street are the areas most often mentioned as suffering the worst problems. A calming scheme for the London Road is ‘in progress’ which should also help the High Street but these are not the only roads to suffer traffic problems; the A360 also suffers vehicles travelling at excess speed and Salisbury Road has HGVs ignoring the weight limit.

To encourage drivers to travel at a lower speed on the A360 it has been proposed to lay down white lines (hatchings), fill in the bus stop lay-by and install traffic islands: and for the Salisbury Road reprofiling the junction with the A360 to make it a T-junction.

For the High Street the suggestion is to provide marked areas for pedestrians .

The three maps below show the proposed schemes. These are not final drawings (they have been produced on a home PC) but are intended to give an idea of the proposed schemes. The traffic group is looking for feedback on these; can we do better?

One area for lining that the traffic group is still working on is the A360 Maddington Street between the Social Club and the Chitterne turning,  this is still ‘work in progress’ – if you have any ideas please tell us!

Please provide feedback to

A360 & Salisbury Road (click image to open in pdf format)*see note
Outside Co-Op (click image to open in pdf format)
North End of High Street (click image to open in pdf format)

*Post updated 4/7/16 12:30pm to correct link for A360/Salisbury Road image