2017 Parish Council Meetings

Most recent listed first.

November: Agenda

October: Draft Minutes, Youth Club Report, Military Liaison Report, Traffic Group report, Chair’s report

September: Agenda, Chair’s Report, Traffic Report, Notice of Conclusion of Audit, Draft Minutes

August: Agenda, Chair’s Report, DraftMinutes

July: Agenda, Minutes, Chairs Report, Traffic Group Report

June: AgendaMinutes, Chair’s Report, Vice-Chairs Report, Traffic Group Report

May (Annual Meeting): Agenda, Minutes, Chair’s Report, Police Report, Traffic Group Report, Village Hall Report

April: Agenda, Agenda Addendum, Minutes, Chair’s Report, Military Liaison Report, Traffic Group Report, Youth Club Report

March: Agenda, Minutes

February: Agenda, Minutes Approved, Chair’s Report, Traffic Group Report

January: Agenda, Approved MinutesChair’s Report, Traffic Group Report