Council Meetings

The regular monthly council meetings are held in the Methodist Hall on the first Wednesday in every month. These are all open meetings and everybody from the Shrewton community is very welcome to attend. There is an opportunity for members of the public to speak at 7.15pm before the meeting of the Council.

A week before a meeting, an agenda is published.

Approximate timings

7.15pm Public participation – members of the public may speak.
7.30pm Formal Session of Parish Council to commence no later than 7.30pm – see agenda for detail of the subjects covered.

Draft minutes are published following a meeting – please be aware these are subject to change until approved.

Minutes are approved at the following Meeting and will replace the draft minutes. However, if further amendments are required, this may be delayed to a later meeting.

Reports from Councillors and Working Groups (WG) for each month are included along with the minutes.

Click here to see the minutes and attachments of the Annual Public Meetings and other events organised by the Parish Council.



The website was reactivated in 2012 and minutes since then are held online. For earlier minutes, or to see signed originals of the approved minutes and associated reports please email the Parish Clerk Also note that for these earlier meetings, associated reports given at the meeting are often not available online.


3 thoughts on “Council Meetings

  1. The draft minutes used to be published two weeks after the meeting. Now they seem to be published a few days before the next. Why the delay? Why not keep the community better informed?

    • Thank you for your comment. All council documents are put on the website when they have been received from the clerk. At present there are no targets set for online publication. This subject will be put on the agenda for the Parish Council meeting taking place on the 7th June.

      John Dudman, Webmaster for

  2. Thank for updating the website and producing a more vibrant interactive facility for the village. Council Meetingss for February 2015, as shown above were approved at the Council’s March 2015 meeting

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