Transparency Requirements

The law requires the Parish Council to publish on a website – documents published since April 2014 can be found on this page.

This is a requirement of the Smaller Authorities (Transparency Requirements) (England) Regulations 2015/494 – Transparency obligations for parish councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £24,000 (England only).

Details of the previous financial year to 31st March are to be added to the website by July 1st. The first financial year was from April 2014 to April 2015 and added soon after.

The information you can find here is:-


  • Councillors – and their roles – this is updated regularly

Meeting Minutes

In addition, the draft Minutes of council, committee or sub-committee meetings should be published no later than one month after the meeting has taken place. You can find these on the Council Meetings and Public Meetings pages.

On this website, we also maintain an archive of the approved minutes going back to 2012 – the draft versions are deleted when the approved minutes are added.

Notice of Meetings

The agendas and associated papers for council, committee or sub-committee meetings are required no later than three clear days before the meeting (this does not include the day they are put up, the day of the meeting nor Sunday and best practice is to exclude Saturday too – so in effect a week).  This gives notice so that those interested can attend. These can be also be found on the Council Meetings page.

Should you have any questions about the information please contact the Parish Clerk


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