Shrewton Parish Councillors

There are eleven elected councillors in Shrewton Parish Council. Councillors have individual roles within the council. Click here for a list of councillors, titles and roles.

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Councillor resources
Contact Councillors or the Parish Clerk
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Councillor resources

Councillors also need to have access to a lot of information. While much of this is available in the public domain, there is often associated data or advice which would be hard to find.
This Councillors Resource area should develop over time. But take note that things constantly change and this information should be used with caution! Always confirm the currency of the information before making any use of it.

Contact Councillors or the Parish Clerk

To send messages to the Councillors, you should contact the Clerk using the Parish Council contact page.
If you want to attach a document then please email shrewtontonparishcouncil @ (the Clerk’s email address).
Your messages and documents will not be published online but may be read out as “Correspondence” at the next Parish Council meeting.

Make a comment

You could also leave a comment – see the bottom of this page. Comments are moderated and if approved, published online.


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