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Editorial Policy

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We’d love to have your input to Shrewton.com website which is here to help promote the vibrant community of Shrewton by providing information on Shrewton and other locally based organisations, societies, groups, businesses and services.

If you can add to what is here – let us know!

Here is the menu of options available for inclusion on shrewton.com.

A shrewton.com based information page

A simple way to get your organisation on the web is to have a page on Shrewton.com.

This will provide viewers with information about your organisation or enterprise. What it does, where it is based and who to contact.

Generally this pages will be slow to change and not contain time sensitive information which may become outdated quickly. Your page may be updated, for example with new contact information.

Provide as much information as you wish: e.g. how and when the organisation was formed, early history etc. – but remember to keep visitors to your page interested!

Add a link to your website, Facebook page or Twitter account if applicable.


We will include a link to a page on shrewton.com if we have a page for your organisation. But if you also have a website,  Facebook or other social networking page we can add those too. We would value a link from your site to http://www.shrewton.com.


Information will be posted as a news item as soon as practical but no guarantee can be provided that all items will be included.

Forthcoming and Recurring Events

These will be added to the calendar visible on the “What’s On” page.

Include the organisation, event title, location, date, times and a short description and contact information if appropriate.  Let us know if the event repeats: e.g. every week on a Tuesday or the third Wednesday in the month.


We are happy to support local businesses or services on the Adverts section including a link to your website/Facebook page/Twitter feed or to a pdf document you have provided (we can convert documents from popular word processing programs to pdf).

There is no charge for this service.

While we will carry out some due diligence before listing business or services inclusion does imply any endorsement of the businesses or services neither can we be held responsibility for goods or service provided by listed advertisers.

Shrewton History

These extended items will be added and retained as items of interest to all visitors to the site.

Your information can be provided as text and pictures. Pictures and links need to have a separate description. Please ensure you have copyright or permission to use all included pictures and make sure to get agreement to add links to other sites. Include contact information in the item as you wish. Most file types will be fine to use – if in doubt send it anyway and await feedback!

We retain the right not to publish items that use inappropriate language, may cause offence or are, in our opinion, not suitable for inclusion on the site. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you first so that changes can be made!